SOLUTION - Case Study: MC A Architects – Bergognone 53

• Situated in Via Bergognone, 53 Milan, Italy

•Former post office renovation project. Function: Office space. Budget: 22.600.000 € Area: 25.000 m2

• It won the Energy Performance & Architecture Awards 2006

•The canopy, which is a catenary structure, is designed as a thin layer of scales of glass over which rain water can flow.

•The use of double glazed façades with selective glass integrated with the double skin gives a U value of 1.4

•Photovoltaic cells on the roofs add a industrial reference and generates electricity for common area lighting, earning Hines a grant of €87,000 from the regional Lombardian government.

•The use of chilled beams (partly integrated into the lighting units and partly into the ceiling), along with the ventilation system, ensures optimum cooling and thermal comfort in the office spaces