SOLUTION - Research 2: Centro Direzionale Forum, Mixed use offices, 1680 m2, 3.5million €, 2006, Rimini, Italy

  • Located on busy road at the entrance to Rimini town.
  • 5 stories high and houses 1,700 m2 of offices and retail units.
  • Curved façade creates a striking feature facing the street.
  • Green skin, similar to traditional ivy. 
  • Steel grid, climbing plants growing up, creates an uninterrupted screen over the entire length of the building.
  • Screen serves to give the building a natural form, merging the nature and construction.
  • Façade broken by a vertical split, leads to a garden behind.
  • The offices floors have balconies that overlook the street and are screened by the climbing plants. 
  • This system is permeable to air and light so the walkways can be used as outdoor spaces.
The internal elevation of the building has a more secluded feel with its view over the internal courtyard garden and the plant skin hiding elements of the busy roads.